Meet Our Team

Diana Keough

Founder, Vice President & General Manager


Boy mom, digital entrepreneur, content strategist, TEDx presenter, book author, conference speaker, award-winning multimedia producer and Pulitzer-prize nominated storytelling journalist.  For most of her career, her byline appeared regularly in The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, NPR and PBS; she’s one of only print journalists to earn national awards in both print and radio.  In 2010, while teaching journalism at Emory University, she launched a website in an upstairs bedroom of her home that morphed and grew rapidly into a digital communication agency that was acquired in March 2016 by Staywell; in July, ShareWIK became part of HSS, a subsidiary of Merck, a Fortune 100 company, letting her mom know her journalism degree wasn’t such a bad idea, after all. Diana is an enthusiastic evangelist for using every creative tool in her tool box to create outstanding multimedia and interactive content that helps clients exceed business goals and objectives and rise above the noise and clutter.  

Ben Garrett

Executive Producer

Veteran award-winning TV producer, long-time public relations executive and healthcare patient advocate, web/social media innovator and former TV news anchor. Creator of several national TV shows and PSA campaigns and specialist in pharmaceutical product launches that shows off his philosophy of putting the focus on reaching a client’s audience with the right message, regardless of medium.  He’s surrounded at home by medical professionals, including his “Nurse of the Year” wife and his oldest daughter, a therapist.  When he’s not working, he’s managing his menagerie of rescue animals: four dogs, three cats, a squirrel and various water fowl.

Emily Glaser

Project Coordinator 

Cincinnati native and the biggest Reds fan you’ll meet, nationally-syndicated writer, voiceover talent, marketer, media liaison and planner extraordinaire. Just three years out of college, she’s a hardworking millennial – and no, it’s not an oxymoron.

Zach Philyaw

Multimedia Producer


Zach Philyaw double-majored in film and english at Emory University. After graduation, he worked as a production assistant with Radiant3, worked at Paste Magazine as a freelance videographer and writer, and freelanced as a shooter and editor for local artists before joining the ShareWIK Team.

Joshua Schlabach

Senior Multimedia Producer


Three-time Emmy-nominated storyteller, cinematographer, visionary, entrepreneur, handyman, husband and father. You name it and he’s done it. Josh is the son of Amish Marines (you would think that’s an oxymoron but it just happens to be true) and attributes his roots to his ingrained work ethic. He started in news, as an intern at WSB-TV and worked his way up to the go-to editor for weekend news. This helped pave his journey into local programming and custom content, which later led him to his own production company. He served high profile clients including Piedmont Hospital, The State of Georgia, and Bombardier. In early 2012, Josh joined ShareWIK as one of the first employees and helped build the high- energy startup into what it is today. As a Director of Photography, Josh is best known for his ability to take anything from scratch and turn it into creative beautiful content.   

Camille Butler

Art Manager


Camille Butler studied visual effects and motion media design at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. She found a way to turn her undeniable passions for both film and photography into a career and successful freelance business while in school. She has competed in several challenges and art shows over the years with judges from SideFX Software, Pixar, and The Mill, winning scholarships for school and gaining valuable experience. Camille has a vast range of computer program knowledge spanning from Adobe Suite, Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Shake, and Pixar’s Renderman to the more tangible art mediums like charcoal, graphite, and clay/plaster sculpting. Camille is responsible for the engaging and entertaining graphics and images found in ShareWIK’s videos.

Renee DeLuca

Senior Sales Representative

final-2016Former Emmy-nominated TV news producer and radio reporter, turned content marketer and senior sales rep for ShareWIK. Loves this position because it combines the best of everything learned in more than 20 years of television writing, producing and healthcare PR and media. Believes a picture tells the story in more emotional ways than words alone can do. Passionate about craft beer, the family business—she sees no conflict in drinking an ale and evangelizing healthcare. 

Geetha Parachuru

Medical Editor

geetha-1-webfile3-2Humanist, mother (to be), wife, truth-seeker, scientist, entrepreneur, journalist, creator, economist. And in that order. With a bachelor’s degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, you don’t want to be the one that tells her girls can’t count. After undergrad, Geetha worked as a IT project and product manager in Nashville, Tennessee for four years. During the height of the obesity epidemic news coverage in 2012, she could no longer just watch the news, she had to be a part of it. Her insatiable appetite for breaking news accurately led her back in school at the University of Georgia where she completed a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. Shortly thereafter, she transitioned back into corporate America, interning at CNN Health during the Ebola epidemic and working at CBS46 local news, gaining experience as a one-(wo)man-band journalist. Her love for knowledge transpired even further into a Master of Science in Public Health (MPH) at Emory University, where her path bifurcated into ShareWIK and into the world of government consulting. Geetha started her own company within the government consulting space while serving as the medical editor with a hand in everything else (writing, content generation, video editing, production, on air-talent) created at ShareWIK. When she doesn’t have a red pen in hand, you can find her traveling around the world, smiling at strangers, showing love to all her social media outlets, cracking jokes and feeding her passion for fashion.

Frank Garcia

Senior Multimedia Producer

frank-garciaBorn in Colombia, the country that gave birth to Magical Realism, Frank Garcia manages the realities of client expectations while executing magical content that have honored him three Emmy Awards and many more nominations. Frank is a seasoned executive producer and marketing professional who began his career in the early nineties at PBS. In the mid nineties, he produced long form content for the network including Live music awards for Univision Communications, the largest Hispanic media company in the U.S. In 2006, he was promoted to Creative Services Director for the top 3 U.S. market Station in Chicago, where he lead a team of creative storyteller producers, editors, and graphic artists, which were awarded with 5 Emmy Awards and helped command the market in ratings.  After Frank’s wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Frank’s passion shifted to Health related content. In 2013, he produced an Emmy Award program about the Alzheimer’s caregivers which aired on PBS.  In 2016, Frank joined the ShareWIK/Staywell team and continues his magical journey of telling stories that engages audiences with passion.    

Kendrick Disch

Senior Multimedia Producer


57516_723214650087_469362_oAward-winning producer/director/photographer, technology tinkerer, systems architect, and weekend entrepreneur.  Kendrick doesn’t see problems, only solutions needing a home. Kendrick first got behind the camera to shoot music videos with his band in high school. That soon evolved to documentaries, short films, and eventually commercials for local businesses. After graduating from the University of Arkansas, Kendrick took up photography and set out on a series of road trips across North America to discover what was just over the horizon. Since settling in Atlanta, Kendrick has produced creative work for a variety of local and national brands and spent a few years as the studio manager at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta before joining ShareWIK in 2016. When he’s not working… wait… actually, he never stops working. 


Ian Roach

Multimedia Specialist


Born and raised in Atlanta, Ian Roach currently studies visual effects at Chattahoochee technical college and has a teaching background in 3D modeling and animation. He is proficient in Autodesk Maya, Final Cut, as well as the Adobe Suite. Ian jumped on the ShareWIK bandwagon in 2015 and is still rocking the white vans to this day. 

Eric Mercado

Multimedia Specialist


Digital compositor and colorist in the making, Eric Mercado comes from Kansas City, MO. Eric earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree studying Mass Media & Digital Film Production at Missouri State University.  The experiences endured there sparked Eric’s passion for visual effects and color grading work for film and television.  Eric was then led to Atlanta, GA where he currently resides as he pursues a Master’s of Fine Arts in Visual Effects from Savannah College of Art & Design.  In 2016, Eric joined ShareWIK as a member of their graphics team, where he helps create the stunning visuals found in many of their videos.